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Linda Lee teaching a lecture.

Linda travels the country teaching fine sewing techniques and the art of combining beautiful fabrics and distinctive design in garment and home decorating creations.

Below are descriptions of available Linda Lee lectures and trunk shows.


Great Style at Any Age

Age is nothing but a number when it comes to looking fabulous. And no one does it better than The Sewing Workshop Pattern Collection. From beautiful fabrics to stunning colors, this showcase of handmade garments will challenge you to rethink how you dress and what you want to sew. The Sewing Workshop is known for its carefree chic combinations of daring fabrics, textures and patterns in layers of drape and shape. Linda will interpret how to read the trends of the moment and fit those concepts into making real clothes for you. You will leave knowing a lot more about fabrics, where to buy the good ones, how to work with them in unique ways and how to blend them into your wardrobe, eventually building a core wardrobe of quiet confidence with the add-ons that have plenty of personality.

  • 2-hour trunk show


Sewing Fashion Knits

Sewing today’s knits can be mysterious and daunting. Many are tissue weight and wispy, others are mesh and lace-like. Almost all are curly and unpredictable. Learn to tackle this category of knits – the ones that we want to wear and show up in ready-to-wear. Basic stitching plus replicating fashion details for interesting hems, necklines, and embellishments will be discussed.

Underneath It All

Sometimes the most important element of a garment is “what’s going on inside”. Linda will share new information about today’s fashion interfacings – where and how to use them and where to get them, too. She will discuss the materials and how-tos of underlining and interlining and demonstrate the best way to “bag a lining”.

Couture Hems

Small hems are narrow finishes used in garments when the hem is meant to be a subtle detail, the fabric is lightweight and/or sheer, or the hem shows on the outside of the garment in a flowing, drapey garment. In this class you will learn how to sew five delicate hems that look exactly like the finest ready-to-wear styles.

Runway Finishes for Luxury Fabrics

The focus of this class is to elevate your knowledge of sewing and finishing details, both basic and creative, when sewing with a range of fine silks and the most luscious velvets. You will see fun and fresh ideas for incorporating these fabrics into your everyday wardrobe using both classic and contemporary finishes.

Fine Tune Your Sewing Skills

It’s the small things that make a difference. You know how to sew, but disappointments abound. Come to this class and learn the fine, subtle details that make your work better; the techniques that are never in guide sheets and are buried in too many books. You’ll rethink your tools and your stitching, pressing, marking and finishing. Guide sheets are basically an order of construction. You will learn to make smart choices based on the fabric at hand and the equipment you own and then adjust your processes on demand.

Fitting Shoulders

Most fitting solutions start at the shoulders and influence the fit of an entire garment. See what tools to gather and techniques you will need to measure you and your pattern. Then learn how to adjust the shoulder lines of your patterns while still preserving the original armhole curves and character of the garment.

Learn the trace-and-preserve method of recording curves for easy fitting.

Storyboard of Inspiration

So you want to sew fashion ensembles, but you can't pull it all together? This class teaches you how to build storyboards to use as wardrobe planning tools. Using modern media sources such as magazines, catalogs and the internet in a new way, you will learn to look at beautiful photos of interiors, food, landscapes, and fashion in a different way, translating them into interesting fabric and color combinations for your own wardrobe. Instead of sewing miscellaneous pieces, put a plan in place to create ensembles that you never imagined





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