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Burberry Goes Street Chic

The various plaids appear to be collaged onto the fabric with softened and zigzag edges, all of which are carefuly blended over 40's-style glamour portraits.

While I can imagine making a skirt from the eDress download pattern, my guess is that I will make a Eureka Top to wear under an Onde Jacket.

Check these two knits out. 5-813-5 has some purples and rose tones. 5-813-6 has more yellow plus many earth tones.

Portrait Knit Pr 525db48796054

5-813-5 Detail


5-813-6 Portrait Printed Knit - Earth

Portrait Knit Pr 525db394824c1

5-813-6 Detail

Deja Vu
Organic Knit Peony Vest

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