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Stafford Sew Along Part Three: Sewing the Front


Welcome to the Stafford Sew Along Part Three! Today we will be sewing the front of the jacket. Be sure to read through parts one and two of the Sew Along, where we discuss cutting and marking, as well as topstitching tips. If you have already done so, then let's get sewing!  

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Stafford Sew Along Part Two: Topstitching Tips


​Today on the Stafford Sew Along we want to discuss tips for topstitching success. The Stafford Jacket features decorative topstitching along most of the seams. It is important to spend time before you start on your project testing your fabric and perfecting your topstitching. Not only does this make your garment look more professional, but it will also save you the time of seam ripping. Let's get started. 

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Stafford Sew Along Part One: Cutting and Marking


 Welcome to the Stafford Sew Along. Today we are going to discuss the materials you will need for this project, as well as cutting, marking and some of our signature techniques. Let's get sewing! 

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Topstitching Tips for the Stafford Jacket


Our new Stafford Jacket was inspired by that most classic of garments, the jean jacket. Who doesn't have a jean jacket (even I have one and I don't own any actual jeans!). There is just something so right about the slouchy denim jacket. It is comfortable, functional and always looks good. Thinking about the Stafford, we combined the archetypal jean jacket with a cropped swing shape. The most unique feature of a jean jacket is the wonderful topstitching featured on the front, a detail we incorporated into the Stafford. Good topstitching is the hallmark of a professional looking garment, but can be tricky to perfect. Read on for some suggestions on making your topstitching clean and professional.

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Frankie Shirt Sew Along Part Seven: Hems & Buttonholes

Frankie Shirt Sew Along Part Seven: Hems & Buttonholes

Welcome back to the Frankie Sew Along. Today we finish the Frankie by hemming the bottom and adding the buttonholes and buttons. Soon you'll be able to pop on your Frankie and wear it about town. Let's get started! 

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