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Long Mimosa Vest

Long Mimosa Vest

I love the look of long vests and sleeveless blazers. Our Mimosa Top has a lovely shape and crossover neckline that gives it that perfect structured look. 

​I decided to lengthen the Mimosa Top quite a bit. Not only did I want a longer look, but I have a growing baby bump that takes more fabric to cover!

Instead of using the original marked spots to fasten the top with buttons, I used snaps where the front panels wanted to naturally fall over my belly. It doesn't close all the way to the side seams but it doesn't need to. 

If you don't have a belly to work around, you can use the upper side button marking on the pattern Front and upper vertical buttonhole on the Lower Front Band and eliminate the lower button and horizontal buttonhole.

Pattern Adjustments:
  1. I lengthened the Front 7" straight down, keeping the upper button marking and the large and small dots in their original positions. I eliminated the lower button marking but traced the new hem foldline and cut line at the new lower positions.
  2. The Back was lengthened 9" straight down below the large dot. I traced the large dot in the original position, then traced the hem foldline and cut line as well as the small dot and corner shaping at the the new lower positions.
  3. The last adjustment to make is to lengthen the Lower Front Band by 7" below the vertical buttonhole and eliminate the horizontal buttonhole.

Splatters and Bars - 2 Ply Stretch

About this fabric... It's a designer print by Milly out of Italy. This material sews like a dream! There was enough give that all the pieces went together smoothly. It has a neat feel - almost spongy. Excellent coverage for a white background. And the fun graphic splatter print is striking!

I was able to cut a size Medium out of 13/4 yards of this width. 

Stripe Inspiration from Sonia Rykiel
Tremont Vest Variations

Comments 4

Nancy Winningham on Thursday, 18 August 2016 17:55

This looks great on you and perfect for your changing body shape. This fabric and style is a perfect combo with your black skirt. I love it.

This looks great on you and perfect for your changing body shape. This fabric and style is a perfect combo with your black skirt. I love it.
Briana Vilayoune on Thursday, 18 August 2016 19:16

Thank you Nancy!

Thank you Nancy!
Guest - Ginger on Friday, 19 August 2016 02:20

Congratulations! Love your Mimosa.

Congratulations! Love your Mimosa.
Briana Vilayoune on Tuesday, 06 September 2016 16:46

Thanks Ginger!

Thanks Ginger!
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