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Kathy's Wardrobe


We're still recovering from our trip out west to the Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, WA. We always look forward to our annual trip every year. It's great to see familiar faces, customers and vendors alike. Every year we try to plan our wardrobe, filtering inspirations that we've been collecting into a final garment. Kathy did an amazing job of that this year! Her look was very cohesive, fun, creative and extremely wearable. Take a look!

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Any Excuse to Wear Sequins!


I love this time of year! December is in full swing with holiday parties, sparkling decorations, delicious winter treats and time with family & friends.  What do you think I look forward to most about these holiday festivities?

Sequins! Lace! Shimmer!

I'm not typically that fancy but there's something about sequins that brighten a cold winter day.

Something must have gotten into Linda and Kathy as well. Most of our Eureka Tops are perfect for special occasions!


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Gourmet Sewing!


Nora, one of our wonderful customers had an Ann's Cardigan class in a friends home recently.  She's here with a little Guest Blog Post about her fun evening!
"Start with friends.  Add some great food.  Stir in beautiful fabrics and a stylish pattern.  Top with a large portion of fun.  The result-----a day of creativity with a new garment to wear home!

This class was in a friend's home.  We met two weeks before our scheduled class date to discuss supplies and techniques.  Then we had time to prepare and organize. What fun we had working together!

Next------the Soho Coat!"

Thanks Nora! We look forward to your Soho Coat installment.

Happy Sewing!


Simple Tank - Simple Details

Simple Tank - Simple Details

Nine Times Out Of Ten I love a quick project. The Ann's Tank is a simple, one night sew. Start to finish.

Then again, there are nights when I'm in the mood to add a little more detail.  One easy way to do that is to start with a simple pattern like the Ann's Tank, one I know all too well, then add embellishment.


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How Do You Wear the Ann's Cardigan?

We've had a such mild winter here in Kansas.  All my sweaters were still packed away in the attic-until this week!

The temperature is finally starting to drop, so cozy up with a winter Ann's Cardigan.

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Winter Sweater Knit Workshop

We love our new pattern, the Ann's Cardigan & apparently so do you!  We just completed our first Winter Sweater Workshop using the Ann's Cardigan. Since this workshop was such a great success we've decided to offer another one in May to create a Spring Cardigan!

For a complete listing of our events, view our Events Calendar.

The Ann's Cardigan class was very inspirational!  We had a full house with 14 participants, each with a complete cardigan by the end of the day.  Sewing the Ann's Cardigan is quite relaxing with an ultra flattering end result.

What a good looking group! I love how each person (well, almost each person-the Caramel & Brown Floral Wool Knit was quite popular) created a different look using the same pattern.  Such versatility in one style!

AnnsCardigan-AnimalPrintWEB   AnnsCardigan-BlackStripeWEB

Linda (left): Animal Print Wool Knit Ann's Cardigan

Kathy (right): Black & Grey Striped Knit Ann's Cardigan

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