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Breton Stripe eTee Dress

Breton Stripe eTee Dress

Since being introduced by Coco Chanel in her 1917 Nautical Collection, the Breton striped shirt – originally designed as a French naval uniform – has held a firm place in fashion's favor. The jaunty stripe is casual yet chic and gives its wearer a splash of insta-cool. You can find the Breton in shirts, dresses, scarfs and sweaters. This ubiquitous stripe has found itself made into every garment under the sun, though it is most popular in a classic t-shirt. 

As the days are getting warmer, I've been thinking about easy summer clothes that take no time to make, but are stylish enough to wear for work or play. Inspired by some dresses I saw online, I decided to make myself a Breton stripe t-shirt dress. Luckily, I had our classic eTee pattern at hand...

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Stripe Inspiration from Sonia Rykiel

Stripe Inspiration from Sonia Rykiel

The fashion world was saddened when legendary designer Sonia Rykiel passed away this week. Rykiel, who unknowingly got her start as a designer when she started sewing maternity clothing for herself, was known as The Queen of Knits for her fashion-forward work with knit design. As I thumbed through Pinterest, looking at Rykiel designs, I noticed that she not only loved knits, but also loved a knit stripe (though, who doesn't?). In honor of this great designer, I've put together a few Sonia Rykiel inspiration boards, pairing our knit stripes with her design inspiration. 

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More Stripes Please!


If you haven't noticed, we're a little obsessed with stripes around here. Knit stripes to be exact.  The evidence is all over our latest pattern download, the eDress (and don't forget the Skirt Variation).

We've decided to take the stripe trend a step further. 

First of all, we never shy away from horizontal stripes. Daring I know. This Skirt uses horizontal stripes in the skirt and bottom band.

When paired with a black Ann's Tank, the overall look is very slimming.

Using the same fabric, Kathy decided to change the look ever so slightly.  Notice the bottom band uses vertical stripes. Just that small change makes a huge difference. 

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Look for Spring: Stripes & Florals

A little spring inspiration to jump start April!

You can get inspiration from so many places; fashion, art, interior design, or nature.

Jil Sander Striped Dress
Jil Sander Striped Dress

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